a woman fights back

Mitu Khurana is a woman fighting to save her daughters.

I will never understand how a country where the spirituality celebrates the female Divine in the forms of  Durga, Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and many other goddesses,  allows this to happen.  Shakti power and the dichotomy that is India.

You can support the 50 Million Missing campaign by signing this petition.

Female Genocide in India and the 50 Million Missing Campaign

One Reply to “a woman fights back”

  1. I am really shocked when I read that a Doctor tried to kill his own children. This is a big shame but this is compounded by the foolish trust these women put in their husbands. It has to do with the society, in India the society (relatives, neighbors) poke their nose in other people’s life. Women need to have the courage to give a damn to what the society feels and desert such useless men.

    But I feel the 50 million number is at least 50 times exaggerated. Because ultrasound scans for detecting the sex of fetus has been available in many parts of India only for the last 20-25 years. And it is banned by law at least for the last 15 years. Even infanticide is not reported throughout India, only in selective areas. But domestic violence related cases are in their thousands possibly even in hundreds of thousands. Many go unreported. Insufficient care during pregnancy is due to illiteracy, poverty and the unavailability of government hospitals rather than deliberate inaction.

    Sure this is a problem that has to be tackled and I believe the government and the society are moving slowly towards bridging the gender gap with initiatives like reservation for women in parliament and legislatures. The progress has not been uniform. While the South and West has made better progress in almost every area, Central, north and east India have a long way to go. But if they call abortions as genocide then I think the US and the West would rank first on genocide. Words like genocide have to be used carefully.

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